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Remnant of the Days to Confirm Where to Fly




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July 2007


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June 2011

Kota Kinabalu



Graduation has long been delightedly portrayed a milestone in life for which it is marking a completion of integrated series of primary, secondary and tertiary formal education. Nevertheless, do people nowadays really view fresh graduates such positively, say the potential contributions to the respectively targeted industry and nations, more than ever in the era of globalization? It is about a certainty you’d have outpaced everyone in having the answer in mind.

Putting aside how cynical, if not optimistic, others’ perceptions and perspectives are on us, unsurprisingly, we could somehow hardly find ourselves remaining unfazed and unperturbed with the inner worries mounting from the authentically real situation of the day, which had been featuring unstable employment rate or opportunities, economical efficiency, multi capability-, rather high performance- and competitiveness-orientation.

In light of the incontrovertible reality and for the sake of positioning own fiscal survival at the self-conceptualized comfort zone, everyone would have been down the stream of the so called rife rivalry overflowing with the stench of unwholesome competing psyche coupled with an array of injurious tactics and ploys. It would be timely to question when only we as the sensual beings can be totally liberated from the samsara (sufferings) and the endless cycles of metempsychosis?

Of late, I and some friends had the opportunities in joining some Tibetan buddhism prayers and talks solemnly conducted by His Eminence Nyima Vosal Rinpoche. There is a paragraph of foreword written near the beginning pages of the scripture had grabbed my most attention for 2 reasons where firstly it is well-translated in Chinese wording and secondly it illustrates the core values of altruism in the Vajrayana and Mahayana practice. It generally stated: “we love happiness and demand no samsara, meanwhile other sensual beings are similar as us in the pursuit of happiness and avert sufferings. Since the immeasurable numbers of life in the past, utmost reasonable it is to treat every being as our own dearest father and mother.”

Outpoured with kindness and compassion, His Eminence Nyima Vosal Rinpoche did expound on the importance of upholding Triple Gems (Buddha, Buddha Teachings and Buddhism monastic) in the complicated working life ahead, rising of Bodhi Mind and great compassion, being calm to accommodate the variable and changeable landscape in the world and the karmic relationship attributed to our conduct, be it of benevolent or perishing, which would lead us perpetually unless and until we achieve buddhahood. In conjunction to the annual senior’s farewell commemoration, I wish all of the best and greatest for senior members who are going to “fly to next unknown destination” and junior members who comparably “have more days to decide where to fly next”.

Tashi Delek .


Ex-Vice Secretary-General of 8th Buddhist Association


Candlelyn said...

这是很严谨的决定啊,就从心底深处问问自己要的什么,对未来有何要求,机会是无所不在哦~ 希望你也找到了所要抵达地点。

lysiew said...

i know where is ur arrival in june.
june --> to bangkok.
your english still so "expert" lah.